Frequently Asked Questions

The WordPress Shop is one of our new projects and subsidiaries dedicated to providing WP themes, plugins, cheap managed hosting for WordPress, instructional content and much more for a broad audience with ease of use, quick and easy installations even with a beginner level experience!

Our customer support is active from 09:00 to 21:00h GMT+2  so we can cover our US-based clients and our European clients also. We also have premium support packages where we are available 24/7. If you are interested in having premium support contact us and we will give you a monthly price based on your requirements.

Our team members can use various tools to help you out like remote connection, send you instructional content, guide you through a voice call and overall take every approach necessary to fix your problem or help you out as soon as possible and in a timely manner!

Animation and 3D Design are the newest feats at our #CreativeLab and both of them are large scale projects at Visual Media Factory®. In order to deliver the animation quality our clients deserve we created our newest subsidiary that we branded as Animation Media Factory®.

You don't have to comit for more that one month. But we recommend taking a package that has a minimum duration of 6 months as then you can see true results and benefit more from our visual media and digital marketing strategies. In the end, everything you pay to us for marketing services or pay per click sale campaigns or for any of our other services your company gets more leads and sales and with that you make more money as an end result. With that said we remind you that all money paid for marketing gets back to you as more business and we have on more reference and great work example to put in our Portfolio. Besides that our 6 and 12 month packages have a discount in price becouse we have you as a client longer and we can ease into the marketing and digital plans and generate results!

Every business can greatly benefit from digital marketing and especialy our digital media solutions. There is NO exception! The benefits of digital marketing vary depending on your business industry, but if you want to meet your target audience or bring in new sales and leads then you have to take advantage of all online marketing options. Digital marketing is meeting clients where they are (online), developing relationships, building trust and sharing valuable content and information about your brand and your services or products.